kǝ • sūˊ • pē  ǀ  language of origin: Chichewa  ǀ  English translation: spring well; a source of water from the ground; an ultimate source, especially of action or motion

Ms. Chifundo Thawe.  Education Officer, Malawi Goverment

Mr. James Chademba.  Farmer, Mangochi District

Mr. Elliot Chitekwere, Chairperson of the Board.  Retired Secondary School Teacher, Malawi Goverment

Kasupe ministries, Malawi

BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Kasupe Ministries, Inc.


Ms. Janet Mandala, Treasurer.  Business Owner, Mangochi District

our team

Rev. Godfrey Kadzuwa.  Pastor, Zambezi Evangelical Church, Kasinje, Ntcheu District

BOARD OF trustees