kǝ • sūˊ • pē  ǀ  language of origin: Chichewa  ǀ  English translation: spring well; a source of water from the ground; an ultimate source, especially of action or motion

deliver medical supplies, school supplies, and clothing donations

• conduct compliance oversight meetings with KMM staff

• provide one-on-one counseling

• conduct healthy living workshops

• encourage ministry beneficiaries

• speak to churches and community groups

  • Fundraising as necessary to fund all programs and projects
  • Conducting regular Venture Team Trips to Malawi during which we will:

In all that we do, we will give the praise, glory, and honor to our Savior, Jesus Christ, for we know that nothing good comes from ourselves but from Him who lives within us.

Our primary focus is Education Programs and Sustainable Economic & Agricultural Projects.

Kasupe will serve widows, orphans, and the HIV/AIDS community, as well as other underprivileged or distressed populations living in Malawi, Africa, through programs and projects developed in partnership with Malawian non-governmental Christian organizations. 


We will passionately support our in-country partner, Kasupe Ministries, Malawi (KMM) as they implement our programs and projects by:


Our long-term goal is to reverse generational poverty and eradicate preventable diseases, namely HIV/AIDS and malaria.