kǝ • sūˊ • pē  ǀ  language of origin: Chichewa  ǀ  English translation: spring well; a source of water from the ground; an ultimate source, especially of action or motion

VitaMeal feeding program

As a part of our Venture Trip program, donated clothing items are transported to Malawi and distributed by age group, beginning with infants and continuing through kindergarten, primary school, secondary school (with priority going to Form I students, and so on, through Form IV), and finally, the adults.  A clothing distribution is a joyful event that typically occurs prior to a community-wide Bible Camp or Feast Day.  In addition to clothing donations, we also purchase new items, such as cloth diapers and underwear, which are given to each group in a more private setting.

This assistance is provided on an as needed basis to meet the immediate needs of individuals affected by natural disasters, such as food, temporary shelter, and mosquito nets.

This program serves the most vulnerable people living within Kasupe's influence area providing beneficiary families with 1 bag of maize each month during the 5-month growing season (October through February, when maize prices are high due to scarcity), in exchange for brickmaking and road work 1 day per week.  Through this program beneficiary families avoid starvation, while needed repairs are made to dirt roads washed out during the rainy season, and bricks are supplied for continued construction projects at Kasupe Secondary School.

those in need

clothing distributions

Kasupe partners with the Malawi Project in order to provide daily morning meals of VitaMeal to primary school students year round. 

Food for Work program

emergency relief programs