kǝ • sūˊ • pē  ǀ  language of origin: Chichewa  ǀ  English translation: spring well; a source of water from the ground; an ultimate source, especially of action or motion


  • HIV / AIDS SUPPORT GROUP   Kasupe Ministries in Malawi  was established in 1999 to address the problem of children being orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. However, it became apparent that many people living with HIV/AIDS had no social, spiritual, physical or moral support. It was this scenario that compelled Kasupe Ministries to organize the Kasupe HIV/AIDS Support Group. Currently, almost 70 members in this group form a web of solidarity of support for people who are HIV+ and those affected by HIV/AIDS. The group meets every Monday for prayers, counseling, food sharing, and income generating activities.  Anti-retrovirals and nutrition supplements are provided for those who are HIV+, along with transportation for monthly hospital appointments. 

  • MALARIA CARE  Despite ongoing anti-malaria education programs, malaria continues to be a major public health problem not only in the Kasupe influence area but throughout Malawi. The disease accounts for almost 40 percent of hospitalizations in children under five, over 30 percent of all outpatient visits.  It is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality across all age groups. Malaria transmission  is highest during the rainy season from November to April; during this time, Kasupe distributes mosquito nets to those most at risk, and provides anti-malarials and further medical treatment, if necessary.